Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm Not Lovin' It

Spent a chunk of this morning out shopping with my daughter. Well, to be exact, I was shopping for a new deadbolt and door handle/lockset for our home's back door. The old one was too easy to lock from the inside, and that's not a good thing when you have a SAHM who often darts into the backyard to set up a sprinkler ... and your two-year-old daughter delights in closing said back door on said SAHM when she's outside. Also, I wanted to make certain I could get the backdoor locks keyed to my existing front door key so I know we'll have a third option for getting into our house if our garage door opener ever decides to keel over.

Anyhow, our return home was marked by a lunchtime detour through our nearest (and newest) McDonald's drive-thru. Ordered the standard Big Mac meal for myself, the Quarter Pounder meal for Lisa, and girl's hamburger Happy Meal for the kid. McDonald's is nowhere near the top of my preferred-foods list, but when it's past 12:30 and the kid's tired and hungry, it'll do.

Unless, of course, you get home, your wife (per usual) opens up the hamburger from the Happy Meal, and finds that someone has already taken a bite from the meat patty.

To say I was pissed would be an understatement. This particular McDonald's location is practically brand new, so their phone number is not yet in my phone book. No matter. The corporation's 1-800 "Customer Satisfaction Line" is easily available on the 'net.

CSR Jeff was a nice enough guy, I suppose. Apologetic and earnest-sounding. He did indeed sound shocked when I told him my story. He took my info, apologized profusely, and promised a callback from someone "higher up" later this week. I accepted that, hung up, and proceeded to swap out my kid's chomped-on patty with one of mine from my Big Mac.

I suppose I could've gone back to the McDonald's location and caused some havoc. But that is just not my style. In this case, probably, it's what I should have done. However, I'll wait and see if the phone call comes, and go from there.

Anybody else have an experience like this?

— Posted by Michael @ 2:58 PM


My issue was with a McD's and we called the local restaurant who offered us a free lunch, but we called the specific number by the drive-thru window.


That's disgusting. Back in high school, I knew people that would brag about the things they would "get away with". I never ate at the McD's they worked for ever again, and now I may never eat at another one period.

I eat a McD's about twice a year, but if I had kids I know I would go more. My nephew eats it every single DAY. Sigh.



Don't you know about the new McDonalds game?? If you find a half-eaten meat patty you win a free large fries! :-)

You should just go to the manager of the store and try to get a few free meals to satisfy you.


Not McDonalds, but Panera - I found a grasshopper in my Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I took it up to the counter, and explained the problem. The response? "So, you want another one?"

I was so shocked, I just said yes. But of course, I couldn't eat it, so I emailed their customer service department when I arrived back at work.

I received a friendly-enough reply, apologizing and explaining that they had experienced more problems than usual with grasshoppers this year, and telling me that a gift certificate was on its way.

The gift certificate was for exactly $5.95, the cost of my meal pre-tax. I was so annoyed, I didn't go back to any Panera for three years. And even then, it was over 650 miles away from the original problem.

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