Tuesday, December 21, 2004

X-Mas Shopping

Looks like the Christmas shopping is done for my household. Time to see how my Freedom Account (Gift Subaccount) held up:

So my November balance was a high of $580. Balance as of today is $78.17. Spent a grand total of $501.83.

I'm good with that. Thanks to a wife who's talented in the arts of giftwrapping, bowmaking, and present-building-on-a-budget, we were able to keep the spending to about $500, which is the number I've been shooting for the last couple of years.

Some of you out there are saying, "No way a $500 gift budget is realistic with my family." You're probably right, and it won't work for mine for much longer. You can pull it off with one kid — a 2-year-old — and a fairly small extended family, which we have. As the kid gets older, though, and the family expands, that $500 budget will become a distant memory.

But I can plan for that, can't I?

— Posted by Michael @ 11:29 PM

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