Monday, December 20, 2004

What, Me Worry?

What, Me Worry?

"Half of Americans Worry About Debt, Poll Finds"

But I love this: "Most of those who are using credit cards said they would pay off their holiday expenses when their next bill arrives."

And this: "Most with credit cards said they carefully manage the debts on those cards, which often have high finance charges on unpaid balances."

Followed by: "About four in 10 of all people questioned said their total debt is at least 'somewhat stressful.' Also, more than half expect their debt will cause them problems over the next five years."

It's called financial denial, and this country is rolling in it. What is it about this urge to present the image that we're all excellent money managers, and that we're all paid well enough for "credit" and "debt" to not even be an issue?

Please. I readily admit that for a good chunk of my post-teenage life, I was fairly pathetic with money and debt. This entire web site is an offspring of that condition. But I owned up, got a clue, and fixed the problem.

And I don't recall fibbing to any surveys or polls along the way -- which I'm pretty sure is pervasive in the AP poll above.

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