Monday, February 08, 2010

IRS: No Tax Frivolity, Please

Those of you who are looking to skirt your federal tax payments this year have a bit of reading to do beforehand. Why? Because whatever argument you're basing your tax non-payment on has probably already been tried by somebody.

And failed miserably.

IRS: The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments

The above PDF is the latest-updated version from our pals at the IRS, who no doubt are going to be frowning upon tax dodgers even more than usual in the coming years.

Gots to bring in that sweet tax revenue so the "wealth" redistribution can continue unabated!


— Posted by Michael @ 8:25 AM


Ha! I sense your sarcasm and appreciate your viewpoint. Thanks


I have an uncle who was audited a couple of years ago. His argument was, "Nowhere in the Constitution does it say I have to pay income tax." I don't know if that's a frivolous argument or not, I'm no lawyer, but after a few months they dropped the case and haven't gone after him since. He hasn't paid a dime in over a decade.

I do my civic duty and pay up every year, but his story always makes me wonder.

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