Monday, December 01, 2008

Quotes from the Weekend

"Heck, there weren't even interesting new products or extremely great deals this year, so trampling someone whose job was to welcome people into the store was completely unnecessary." — Clytie Bunyan, columnist, Daily Oklahoman

[Unnecessary? Looks like we have a new entrant for Understatement of the Year.]

"Those enormous benefits are the result of union power gone wild and add about $1,750 to the cost of every car produced by the Big Three. ...These unions, who also decimated the airline industry, are just as greedy as the Wall Street brokerages that helped bring the economy to its knees." — Malcolm Berko, syndicated columnist, "Why Giving Big Three $25b Won't Benefit the Consumer"

"No pressure, but the economy's health rests on your shoulders. The economists who know you as 'The Consumer' are worried. You seem to be doing — finally — what your mother told you to do long ago: putting some money into savings. The only problem is that consumer spending comprises 70 percent of the total economy. When enough people shut their wallets, the whole economy shudders." — Associated Press, "Consumers Always Lead Economy's Fate" [Source]

"Consumers accompanied by children bought 40% more items than consumers who were shopping by themselves. ...People buy roughly 30% more items when they shop with a big cart than when they don't." — Martin Lindstrom, "Buyer Beware!", Parade magazine, 2008-11-30 [Source]

"...the new board game 'Zimbabwe Rules' could be the next real blockbuster board game to follow Monopoly. It should be noted that Monopoly was patented in 1935, and as such acted as an escape mechanism into a fantasyland of sorts where all the players begin the game 'Liquid' and 'Solvent.' With each pass around the board there were also random injections of cash along the way, sort of like the so-called 'beneficent hand' of the FDR New Dealers or like the Fed today keeping all the inefficient flawed players in the game longer today (C, AIG, et al financial come foremost to mind)." — John Bougearel, commenter, Naked Capitalism [Source]


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