Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Series on the Depression has posted a ten-part series on the Great Depression. We get to hear the firsthand stories of folks who lived through one of this country's most difficult eras; each person's vignette uncovers a somewhat different angle of history than the one before.

Time: Hard Times: Remembering the Great Depression

I was especially fond of this excerpt, as related by 84-year-old Fran Suddath:

We had no savings. We went though that real fast in the beginning. My daddy took any job he could find, even manual labor, he would take it. The thing about it was that my mother and daddy were so wonderful, they never talked about money or the lack of it in front of my sister and me. They did all that privately. It wasn't until after I was grown and married that I realized how horrible it must have been. But they never let on about it. We just knew that we couldn't have things, and that was it.

That last sentence — beautiful in its starkness.

The series is well worth a few minutes of reading time.


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When economic history is written about 2008-2009, the stories will be different. Instead of good folks slogging through life as best they can, we will hear mostly about being victims, blaming others, and how the government didn't save us from ourselves.


I believe you are very much correct on that.

It's not who we blame that's important so long as we're blaming someone else.


I agree, Mr ToughMoneyLove. Sad to say, but so true!

A reflection of our culture that is against personal repsonsibility in all its forms-- how did we get to this point, I wonder?

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