Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ING's Electric Orange $20 Promo

Just received an email from ING Direct regarding an easy $20 bonus for my Electric Orange checking account...

According to the promo, if I use my Electric Orange debit card to make at least five purchases of $10 or more during the month of November 2008, ING Direct will spiff me $20. Not bad. If you have an EO account, be on the lookout for this:

Electric Orange Offer

I don't use my Electric Orange debit card at all — we prefer to put everything on our cash-back credit card, and pay the balance in full each month — but for an easy $20 like this, I'll darn sure use the ING debit card.

If you don't yet have an Electric Orange account but are interested, you can read my Electric Orange review for more info on ING's paperless checking account (with which I'm very pleased, by the way).

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— Posted by Michael @ 8:04 AM


I got this e-mail too. I think I'm going to get my 20 bucks too! Nice!


Several times I have gotten "bonuses" from ING Direct. It is great.

If you don't know about their savings, their CDs and their checking, you should check it out.

Great blog!

Thank you.


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