Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Foreclosure on the Floor (of Congress)

I know, I know. You guys are out there thinking, How can Michael let that story of the foreclosed Congresswoman go by without comment? Surely he's got something to say about this?

Yeah, I do. And that something is:

Friends, our taxpayer dollars are in serious, serious trouble.

For the uninformed out there, here's the latest newslink I can find:

L.A. Times: Richardson Says Foreclosure of Her Home Was 'Improper'

I'll tell you what's "improper." Improper is witnessing pathetic-ness like this in an elected official.

Perhaps my wife summed it up best: It could very well be that our elected officials are more "representative" of us than we care to admit.

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We have now in the UK have a recession the housing market is in trouble,

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