Thursday, April 24, 2008

Didn't Make Your Prosper Payment? Rut Ro.

There's not much redeeming value to this post, but goshdarnit, this message-board quote made me laugh. Someone asked what happens if you borrow money via Prosper (related posts), and then at some point, you can't make payments. The tongue-in-cheek response:

If you don't pay they send you an e-mail. If you don't pay after that they send you a stern e-mail. After that comes a very, very stern e-mail. As a last resort they send an email with an attached picture of a sad puppy.

Which, I'm told, is not all that different from what happens when you stop making your mortgage payment in some parts of the country these days.

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— Posted by Michael @ 10:32 AM


Can you post a link to the original thread? I'd be interested in reading the other answers.



I went back looking for the thread, but can no longer find it. There really wasn't much in there about the issue I posted. Rather, it was more of a "How is Prosper even still in business?" sort of thing.

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