Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fed's Fisher: Mind The Horizon

A friend emailed me a link this evening. This happens to me all the time, of course, as I'm sure it does to you. We know people, you and I. And those people send us links.

But do they send links which ask us to read brand spankin' new speeches by Federal Reserve officials?

Typically, no.

So this link seemed different. Yes. Right off the bat.

I read it.

I heartily suggest you read it also.

Richard Fisher, President, Dallas Fed: Storms on the Horizon

Oh my.

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— Posted by Michael @ 8:41 PM


Ouch. But really, isn't this the new American way? Enjoy now and pay....well, whenever...I'm too busy having loads of fun to worry about unfunded blah blah blah! I absolutely believe that Americans do not want to hear the truth and even if they did, they would dismiss it out of hand. This nation is addicted to easy credit, cheap gas and no personal responsibility.

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