Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Giving Him the Business

This post and the following videos have nothing to do with money. They did, however, make me laugh so hard I cried, which, given what's normally in the news, is perhaps even more important.

One of my favorite phrases of ever is "Yeah, ol' [INSERT NAME HERE] was really givin' him the business." So a funny snippet I caught on a local sportscast got me to scouring YouTube, and sure enough, I found the source of my entertainment. If you're a football fan, you'll dig these:

Ah ... but the official in that video (ACC ref Ron Cherry) wasn't even the first zebra to get his money's worth from that phrase. Get a load of this classic from 1986:

How I missed ever seeing that over the last thirty-one years is beyond me...


— Posted by Michael @ 8:49 AM


These videos are HALARIOUS!!!!

Thanks for posting them.

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