Friday, December 07, 2007

Daily Dose of Satire ... Plus

I'd never seen this, but it's at least moderately amusing:

Predatory Lending Association

Talk about someone putting a lot of effort into satire. Oh — and don't forget to maximize your profits with their Payday Loan Calculator. I've been needing a tool just like that.

In other assorted news, we discover that disciplined high-yield savers will once again take it in the shorts when the Fed likely drops rates again next week. Bah.

Apparently, Elizabeth Warren (author of The Two-Income Trap) isn't too high on George W.'s proposed Get Out of Mortgage Jail Temporarily card. I don't much like the plan, either ... but not for the same reasons as Warren. (Government intrusion in stuff like this really bugs the heck out of me.)

Also, from, we find a nice Interview With a Hottie:

Interview: Danica McKellar

Whilst Ms. McKellar's math skills are undoubtedly impressive, please let me state here for the record that she also bears a striking resemblance to my wife, and has since her Wonder Years days. Danica's not quite as steamy as my wife, of course. But she's in the ballpark.

And hey — everyone needs goals.

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