Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Dave Ramsey Spreadsheet

Excel SpreadsheetLast week a reader kindly purchased my Check Register spreadsheet and subsequently asked if I knew of a site on the 'net where she could pick up a spreadsheet version of one of Dave Ramsey's many Total Money Makeover worksheets. In this case, she was looking for his "Pro Rata Debts" form.

Well, I didn't know if such a spreadsheet was out there at all. Actually, it probably is ... but the question gave me an excuse to MAKE A NEW SPREADSHEET!

IYM: Dave Ramsey's Pro Rata Debts Spreadsheet

In a nutshell, Dave advises readers who are having trouble making debt payments to always send a least a little something — but to do it in a manner that's not preferential to any one creditor. This spreadsheet accomplishes that (I hope!) by computing payments for each creditor which are proportional to that creditor's share of your total debt.

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I've been a huge fan of Dave Ramsey for a while and since day one of listening to him, I've stopped using my credit card all together. It's amazing how much I can save now.

Great link to the spreadsheet by the way!

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