Monday, October 22, 2007

Burn Your House Down in 5 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Preheat oven to 450f.

  • Step 2: Open oven. Insert damp Sunday newspaper.

  • Step 3: Close oven.

  • Step 4: Forget about newspaper.

  • Step 5: Go shopping.

No, I didn't do this. But apparently someone has. Because the second page of the operating manual for our new oven has this as a warning bullet:

I file this under the category of Surely No One Would Think to Publish This as a Warning Unless Someone Had Actually Done It.

Look — I dislike damp newspapers just as much as the next newsreader. I mean, you spend the cash for your subscription to the Sunday Oklahoman, or Dallas Morning News, or whatever, and you'd like the thing to show up on your driveway at least mostly dry.

But put a damp newspaper in the oven to dry it out? Are you serious?

I've been known to do some Dumb Stuff in my life, but I would've never considered such an idea unless I'd read it there in the oven's Operating Manual.

It rather begs the question: Would folks who are likely to dry newspapers in ovens be the same ones to ever even read the operating manual in the first place?


— Posted by Michael @ 9:36 AM


It's sad to think someone actually did that.


its quite amusing how appliance manufacturer will actually put it in their operations manual. you can't blame them because insurance companies become so strict that even a single dot on their policy is studied very carefully to prevent loopholes on claims.


actually it has to be 451 degrees


I bought a shop vac a couple of years ago and there was a Warning page stating that the device should not be used to clean up anthrax!

It seems hard to believe that many folks have encountered the need to clean up anthrax...... Clearly, the lawyers have been at it again!

Anonymous Anonymous
, at 8:03 AM, October 25, 2007  
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