Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Spreadsheet and New Review

For anyone interested, I've made a couple of new additions to the IYM main site. For one thing, I added a new spreadsheet to my Excel collection:

IYM Spreadsheets: Credit Card Arbitrage Estimator

The zero-percent offers aren't nearly as plentiful as they used to be, that's for sure. But a few workable promos have hit my mailbox over the last few weeks, so I know the opportunity is still out there.

Product Review: Dave Ramsey's Personal Finance Software

A while back a reader asked for my opinion on Dave's Financial Peace Software. I knew nothing about it, so I "borrowed" a discount link (can't find it now) and bought a copy and gave it a whirl.

Results: Bleh.

I noticed that over the Labor Day weekend the software CD could be had for $10. I'd call that a very fair price. Now, though, it's back to regular price ($30), which in my opinion is way too high for what amounts to a package of glorified forms and spreadsheets. (The CD's Debt Snowball Calculator is pretty good, though, and probably worth the $10 or $15 on its own.)

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Thank you very much for posting our blog in your spotlight this month.

My wife and I are frequent readers of your blog and have it listed in our blog roll.

Thank you again for the inspiration!

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