Friday, July 27, 2007

Will You Need a Benefit Concert?

It's like I've said, "I've been broke a lot of times, but I've never been poor." My mother taught me to put some money aside for a rainy day. But our industry is the worst in the world for money — same with athletes. After I played a benefit concert to pay for my friend's medical expenses, I made a vow that nobody's going to have to play a benefit for me, and they won't.
— Jimmy Dean, country singer

Okay. Country music doesn't appeal to me all that much, but darn it, I seriously dig that quote. If I had enough room in my right sidebar, in that spot beneath my opening tagline, I might just slap it up there.

I find the quote particularly arresting because each day, it seems, I notice more and more the folks around me struggling with money. You guys experience this, too, I'm sure. And the amount of money-stress around me has really ramped up in the last few weeks. At least, it sure feels like that.

What I find most maddening, most troubling, is the general non-responsiveness and self-pity exhibited by these people. They're perfectly willing to complain about their lack of money, sure. Anyone willing to listen will get an earfull.

But earnest suggestions (subtle and not-so-subtle ones) for change are inevitably met with a downpour of reasons why "...that won't work for me." Or "...but my husband/wife/significant other just wouldn't do it."

What do I think? I think excuses are crap. I think poor decisions have a very long shelf-life. And I think you either do what it takes to make things better, or you take the beating Life gives you.

Roll around in misery and stress all you want, and disperse blame wherever you see fit. But I won't buy it. The man or woman you see in the mirror each morning — that's who's ultimately responsible. Yes, change is hard. Yes, if you're in a relationship, conflict will likely arise. But this is How Things Work.

Suck it up.

Do what it takes.

Let others wonder where the benefit concert is going to come from.

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Not surprisingly, I too have the experience of people complaining about their money but rejecting common sense advice (and this is after they've asked me what I would recommend!). I've learned to shrug it off and let my own financial situation speak for itself. :)


I find it heartbreaking that people who make so much more than I could ever hope to are worried about foreclosure and I have a family member that's being chased by what seems like every collection agency in the country. These people have plenty of money. They just refuse to act like grown ups. I don't want to be like that anymore.

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