Thursday, August 24, 2006

JLP's Question Of the Day Marathon

If you haven't already noticed (which would be hard to do, if you spend much time at all reading financial blogs), JLP at AllFinancialMatters displayed his blogging brilliance once again by organizing a Question of the Day Marathon for the month of August.

Each weekday during August, a different personal finance blogger poses a question for readers to answer. I've chipped in with my own answers to a few of the questions. There has been some really good, interesting stuff generated by this series, so if you're interested, here’s a rundown so far this month:

Day 01 AllFinancialMatters:
If your budget required you to give up something that you like because you just didn’t have enough money to cover your expenses, what would that be?

Day 02 Caustic Musings:
What is the weekly average cost per person for food in your household, including groceries, snacks and eating out?

Day 03 The Investimist:
What was the last thing that you splurged on that you didn't really need?

Day 04 Experiments in Finance:
How many credit cards do you have and what's their combined credit limit?

Day 05 Free Money Finance:
Which is more important to financial success: saving money or making your income as high as possible?

Day 06 Single Mom & Money:
In terms of your annual gross salary, what percentage do you save? Are you happy with that amount or do you think you could do better?

Day 07 Young and Broke:
If you had $10,000, one day, and one store to spend it in, what store would you choose?

Day 08 Savvy Saver:
If you had to pinpoint the one financial decision (good or bad) that put you on the path to where you are now, what would it be? If you could do it over, would you change your decision?

Day 09 Young Finance Guy:
What do you consider an expensive night out?

Day 10 Money Dummy:
What’s the most unusual, quirky, or bizarre thing involving money that’s happened to you personally?

Day 11 Steve Braun:
What percentage of financial success comes from “financial skills” and what percentage comes from “character?”

Day 12 Mighty Bargain Hunter:
What’s the best deal that you’ve ever gotten in a store?

Day 13 Journey to Financial Freedom:
Do you have any side income other than your paychecks?

Day 14 PennyFoolish:
What are your vices?

Day 15 Consumerism Commentary:
While growing up, what were you taught about personal money management by your immediate family and surroundings?

Day 16 No Credit Needed:
What was the very first thing you purchased using credit? What was the very last thing you purchased using credit?

Day 17 Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge:
How much of a balance do you leave on your checking account(s)?

Day 18 Chipping Away: TBA

Day 19 Udandi & the Craft of Money: TBA

Day 20 Money & Values: TBA

Day 21 Pragmatic Finance: TBA

Day 22 City Girl's Financial Blog: TBA

Day 23 Get Rich Slowly: TBA

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Thanks for the mention. It's been a lot of fun (and a lot of work).



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