Saturday, August 19, 2006

10 Reasons to Max Out All Your Credit Cards This Week

1. Security. Maxed-out cards mean that the high-dollar charges about to be slapped on your accounts by an identity thief might decline, rather than actually go through. How's that for embarrassment, Mr. ID Stealer Guy?!

2. Be a patriot: Use your full credit line to help buy a new American automobile. (Goodness knows that GM and Ford need the help.)

3. Maxed-out balances mean you won't be tempted to try those dangerous zero-percent arbitrage plays for a while.

4. Your deep, accounting-based love of zeroes comes to a wondrous climax as you see that beautiful number etched all over your upcoming batch of statements:

5. It's the week of August 21-27. That means Christmas is just four short months away. Never too early to get in Spending Shape!

6. Six words: Middle East Vacation Getaway (Plus Insurance).

7. Because Heaven is a place called 47,540 Citi ThankYou® Points.

8. No more sitting by, idle and helpless, while the superheated economy leaves you behind. You can put Flexo's Ultimate Shopping Guide series to good use.

9. Your next-door neighbors to the west just bought a new HydraMax WakeRaper VI Ski Boat w/Matching Inflatable Party Pontoon. Boy, does your yard look barren now.

10. Shares of GOOG at $383? A screaming bargain. Time to back up that new Ford SUV you bought back in Reason #2.


— Posted by Michael @ 2:28 PM


Lol...funny. Thanks!


When one looks at fellow neighbour,his requirements also go up.If the child at your house finds a mobile in friend's hand,he will ask you to get a mobile for him.The Credit Card issuing Banks are cashing on it.If full debt is paid on demand then the charges are minimal,but over the period of usage ,some amount always outstands in the card holder name and it is not 0 %.Watch the rate and you will stop your buying spree.It may bear any name like service charge and so on.


Did you know that credit card companies can change the terms of your contract at any time? Thatís just one of the credit card traps that can trip up consumers and lead to spiraling debt. Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, has put together a lighthearted animated holiday-themed satire about abusive credit card fees and practices. Check out ďItís Always Christmas Time (for VISA)Ē at Be sure to take action after viewing the animation!

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