Monday, December 05, 2005

Itchy Trigger Finger

Okay, kids.

I love comments on my blog. But I really, really dislike spam. If you leave a comment that I even half-think might be spam, or is self-serving and of negligible value to my audience, then I'm gonna slice it. Or go into the source code and change the destination of whatever URL you leave, or change the URL entirely. Or change the message entirely. Mostly it will depend on my mood.

I'm getting a lot of this crap lately, and I figured it was time for a warning. When it comes to comment spam, corporate policy dictates that I shoot first and ask questions never.

— Posted by Michael @ 7:09 AM


Ha! Your blog must be doing well. That's when the big-time spam starts. ;-)


That's a very interesting post. In light of your post, you might like my site at:

Just kidding. I'm not sure which ones I hate more, the ones that blatantly just push their site or the ones that try to sound relative.

I hope I'm not on your list. (I always include my url in my signature file but didn't this time so I don't get shot)


Ah, spam has been a slowly-increasing time-sucker on this site. It's what's kept me from added forums to the site, for sure.

And for those who might be reading, if your comment or advice or critique is genuine, or if I've had any sort of personal contact with you at all, the odds of me guillotining your comments are pretty slim. In this case, URLs in siggies are just fine with me. (I've been known to do that on occasion, as well.)


I devote a good 30 minutes to an hour a day removing spam from the main site...haven't had near the problem on the blog yet.

It's a complete waste of'd think the spammers would learn that a clean board isn't going to allow it, but they just keep doing it.

PS - added you to the pf blogger net worth list


Convert to wordpress! I use Spam Karma and it eats up hundreds of spam messages a day, the only ones I ever have to remove manually are Hazzard's. :)


I second the WP push. I use the akismet plugin, which actually becomes smarter as it sees more spam. I haven't gotten a single spam comment since.

Wait...I haven't gotten a single comment since...

Just kidding. It really is quite effective. Mike, I've been wondering why you don't break away from blogger with WP - it seems you're the type that'd thrive with something a bit more robust.


I've considered moving to Wordpress or Typepad. But the thought of (1) converting all my existing posts, and (2) screwing with my Google rankings, keeps me with Blogger.

Everytime I see a good blog created with Wordpress, though, it brings a little closer to conversion.


When you're a newbie like me, and get zero traffic to your site, there's nothing more demoralizing than comment spam.

I wish I had your skills so I could threaten to "slice ... deal to source code ... etc"

And yes ... I'm too frightened to publish my url also! lol!

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