Friday, October 28, 2005

Pre-Paid Legal, Part 4 (IdentityTheft Shield)

I just received my first email notification from IdentityTheft Shield, the credit-monitoring service provided by Pre-Paid Legal. The title read like this:

Credit Monitoring No Activity Notice from Identity Theft Shield

It went on to say that my credit file (well, Experian, at least, since that's who they're partnered with) showed no activity over the last month. What a relief, right?

As part of your membership in Identity Theft Shield, we have been continually monitoring your credit file. We check for certain changes, such as companies who have inquired on your credit, new account information, change of address, public records, and derogatory information. Well send you an activity alert when these changes are reported.

In addition, we will notify you each month if no activity is reported on your credit file.

Not a bad service, I suppose. Probably it's even better for someone like me, who's inclined to post so much personal information on the internet. Can't hurt to be "monitored" like this on a regular basis!

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that's great.


I had prepaid legal for a year. I joined the team and worked my way up to the point I had 21 people working under me. PPL paid me up front on every plan I sold. Then people started to cancel and my account went way into the red. I freaked out and quit. That was over a year ago. I owe PPL a lot of money, and they have not once asked for it. I must say I am impressed with that. Also, someone got my wife's credit information and bought a lot of computer stuff. We went to the police. They said nothing could be done about it. We called PPL. They took care of it. So, I can say it works. Is it worth what they charge for it? That is the big question you have to answer. I can't say for sure.

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