Sunday, March 27, 2005

Can We End This Month, Please?

Gads. If I don't spend another dime for these last four days of March, I'll still have shelled out $300+ more than I brought in (take-home pay, after taxes and paycheck deductions).

This is what I get for spending roughly $400 to replace / repaint the wood-panel siding on two exterior walls of our house. And $122 on lawn 'n' garden stuff. Those, plus an unplanned (undisciplined?) $100 on work clothing, and a vacation day from work (estimate this cost at $100, not counting the headaches awaiting me upon return) means my Excel spending plan for March looks downright nasty. The most important numbers on that spreadsheet are red. And where my spreadsheets are concerned, I don't like red.

Yes, the money for these items was available in my various savings accounts.

But that doesn't mean I have to enjoy spending it.

— Posted by Michael @ 11:28 PM


March was also a terrible month for me. I did a lot of unplanned or as you have said "undisciplined" spending.I am glad I have my Freedom Account.


March was not great for me too...I did ok with my "usual" budgeting items but ended up spending $1200 on necessary house things - I supposed I could have waited on repointing the foundation, but there were *holes* all the way through and I wanted to put an end to little critters getting in. I had the money, but I still sort of stings (we didnt think it would be that much overall)

sigh. it just didnt feel good. did we all have spring fever? ;)

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