Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Credit Card Points of Interest

A couple of articles in this week's issue of CardTrak caught my attention:

1) Apparently, credit card issuers are in the process of revising their penalties, fees, and rates right about this time of year. It's worth it to be on the lookout for such notices in your mail. It's never fun to be caught on the wrong end of a revised (upward, of course) over-the-limit fee.

Poor Bank of America (HA!) must be losing money all over the place. For customers who miss two payments, or run card balances over the limit twice in a 12-month period, BoA is raising the punitive interest rate to 29.49% (prime plus 23.99).

Oy. That'll leave a mark.

2) I'd tend to agree with the ratings of "customer online experience" which rank Capital One at the head of the class. I've had cards with Capital One, Chase, Fleet, Providian, and Citibank, among others. Capital One's online interface is clean, simple, and far 'n' away the best of the bunch. Citibank's interface, on the other hand, makes me cringe. I'd say Chase is somewhere in the middle of the pack.

— Posted by Michael @ 6:45 PM


I am a fan of the (formerly) FirstUSA - which became BankOne - which is now merged with Chase - online interface (it's comical, no?).

But I hated the old Chase branded interface (in fact i closed that card before knowing about the fico effect).

I have two cards with what is *now* Chase that use the firstusa "backend" (webiste address, quicken download etc) and I can manage them both seemlessly...its pretty nice. Customer service has also been very good when I needed it. And I get somewhat decent promo deals fairly often that can be executed online as well as through those "checks"

I didnt know CapitalOne was such a customer fave...very good to know! Thanks!

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