Saturday, March 19, 2005

I Can Walk Away

No, really. I can.

It's not that I'm a big gamer, but frankly, there are a few games on the Playstation 2 that I've really enjoyed. One of these games just released its latest iteration ... to much fanfare, of course:

Gran Turismo 4

As a rule, I don't much like racing games — on PS2, sports games are much more my thing — but GT3 was a blast. I have no reason to doubt that GT4 will be much the same.

Which makes my feat tonight that much more impressive. There we were, the wife and daughter and I, strolling through a retail outlet this evening. The Wife suggested I take a look at GT4, which just happened to be playing on a monitor a few aisles away. Who was I to refuse such an offer?

So I looked. And was impressed.

"You should buy it," she said. "Really. Go ahead."

But I didn't. I have already spent enough cash this month, what with renovating a fair chunk of the exterior of our house (wood siding is a b*#%h to remove, by the way) and getting supplies for the upcoming Yardwork and Landscaping Season.

No, I held firm in my desire to not blow through any more money than I have to this month. How long will this last?

I dunno. GT4 looks pretty cool.

And April isn't that far away.

— Posted by Michael @ 12:55 AM


wow, what self-control!


Congratulations on your success. Is there a big difference between the GT3 and GT4?


GT4 looks sweet... I really want to get it too...


If you can walk away now...just think of how much money you could save on it if you wait for a decent "used" price at EBGames ;) This is my tactic...and I have to employ it often, believe me. If you don't have a retail EB, they sell used games online as well. It's one way to keep gaming costs in check and still get the goods.

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