Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shaquille Spends How Much?

Pretty readable article for those of you who enjoy reading about how pro athletes (like lottery winners) can flush money faster than anyone:

Sports Illustrated: Why Athletes Go Broke

A tidbit that made my wife and I do a double-take:

Perhaps the upper limit on spending was set by the famously profligate Shaquille O'Neal, who according to a document obtained by the Palm Beach Post during O'Neal's canceled divorce filing in January 2008 spends a total of $875,015 each month, including $26,500 for child care, $24,300 for gas and $17,220 for clothing. But O'Neal, who also has been known to fund charities anonymously and cover medical bills for complete strangers, has the wherewithal to remain solvent.

That is just sick. Really. The guy spends more on gas in a month than we paid for our 2006 Accord back in late 2005.

I'm sorry, but that's just hard for me to wrap my wee middle-class brain around.

I also discussed the topic of financially-distressed athletes in July, 2008 in "When BK's a Layup Away."


— Posted by Michael @ 8:45 AM


I really do not care how much he spends. If someone is able to legally make tons of money more power to him! I just hope that he will give my a couple thousand for college. :)



I'm with Nate. While I could never imagine spending this much, every dollar that he spends goes towards employing someone! I say, spend on Shaq-Fu!

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