Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Don't Live in California

I don't live in California. I know this for sure. It is an iron-clad fact.

I know it because I filed my income taxes, electronically, Sunday evening.

This morning (Thursday), my Oklahoma tax refund appeared in my ING checking account.

No state IOU letters in the mail for me.

"But there's nothing in Oklahoma," all the left-coasters say. "You guys in Flyoverville don't know what you're missing."

Yeah. Whatever.

At least I'm not missing my state tax refund.


— Posted by Michael @ 9:07 AM


Two points...

1 - Nice overgeneralization. Not all "left-coasters" live in California and are missing a state tax refund.

2 - With an inferiority complex like that, I'm guessing you DO know what you're missing. :)


I used to go to OU, and I'm kinda curious: Is Oklahoma housing affected with huge foreclosures like other parts of the US?


@ Matt:

Yes, I thrive on overgeneralizations. Can't very well complain about Oregonians yet, anyhow. :)

@ Justina:

Foreclosures are notching up, slowly but surely, as the economy loses ground. Foreclosures were in the lower- to mid-single digits in OKC in December, as I recall.

You'll not find any deserted subdivisions here. Far from that.


Hee Hee. Have to agree. I'm in AZ and I got my return yesterday. My folks who still live in CA are getting an IOU. Fortunately, it's only for a couple hundred, but man, I would be really cheezed off.


Nice post - I hate California.


Florida here - land of "rocket docket" for foreclosures in Ft. Myers (I saw on CNN they do 1,000 per day!), deserted neighborhoods, and no state income tax. Got a deficit? Cut services but do not, ever, in Florida, increase taxes in any way, shape or form. Just keep cutting away.


I live in California and will be receiving an IOU. I can't explain how frustrating it is to have watched this budget process fail for months. Oklahoma looks really nice right now.


@ Scott:

The way you feel about your Cali gov't is probably pretty close to how I feel about the suits in Washington, D.C.

"Frustrated" doesn't begin to cover it.


LOL...funny how midwesteners complain about generalizations towards them, but don't have an issue doling them out to my CA refund was 2 weeks late! Big wow...all the IOU stuff was simply the legislature scaring up the public in order to put pressure on the Republicans to pass a tax-increase-filled budget. Now Taxes and CA, you can generalize all you want because it's probably right...

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