Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hummer Irony In Action

So here's a hypothetical for you:

You walk out the door of your local Blockbuster video, which happens to reside in a strip mall on the not-so-affluent side of town. As you leave, you look down the sidewalk and see a middle-aged man leaving the payday-loan place next door. He and his two school-age kids proceed to climb into a late model, blinged-out, black 'n' chrome Hummer H3.

What's the first thing that crosses your mind?

(This happened to me this past weekend. My first thoughts? Either the guy owns the place — though intuition tells me this isn't likely — or I just witnessed one of the most scalding examples of "appearance is king" in all my life.)

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— Posted by Michael @ 8:50 AM


The first thing I would do is laugh. And then add him to the category of "People who helped get us in this mess."




My son is enrolled at Mathnasium, which is adjacent to Ace Cash Express in a strip mall in my city. Oh, the irony!



I think it is just odd, if you have the car but are struggling sell the car, I understand that people might make huge losses on hummers and similar items but surely it is better than parting with some important items or not eating.

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