Monday, June 11, 2007

Links From the Weekend

I don't usually do this, but to be honest, I need something to get my posting juices flowing. So ... a few financial findings from this past weekend: XL Functions for Personal Finance Decisions
For anyone who might need a refresher (or a primer, for that matter) on the most commonly-used financial functions in Excel, this would be a nice find. My question, though, is why they'd have financial problems at the end of the article ... but no answers anywhere? (Side Note: I used to be very ambivalent toward math stuff like this when I was in school. Now I do money problems on calculators and spreadsheets just for fun. How weird is that?)

Nashville Scene: Dave Ramsey Profile
Thanks to Chris Thomas at Pourout for pointing me to this one. It's the best profile of Dave that I've yet had the pleasure of reading. Interesting that Dave's parents were heavy into the Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie stuff, ain't it?

Moment on Money: Really? Why? What's a Blog?
You mean there are actually living breathing people out there who don't know what a blog is? Seriously? Check out this snippet from a comment left there: "But boy, in a few years when blogging is mainstream..."

(By the way, the blog is written by Art Dinkin, a CFP et al. from the Des Moines area. Easily one of the most promising new blogs out there right now.)

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— Posted by Michael @ 11:46 AM


Michael, I read your blog regularly. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words!


P.S. I wanted to email you but could not find an email me link. Did I miss it?


Art, if you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, you'll find a menu section. One of the links is "Contact", and if you click on that, you'll find the current e-mail address.


Thanks Denise. I knew it has to be there somewhere.



I'm glad you enjoyed The Scene article and I appreciate the link. Thanks.

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