Thursday, March 09, 2006

Zaza ... zuzee ... Zipingo?

Maybe someone else has heard of it. I don't think I have:


"The yellow pages with customer ratings," is how it's advertised. Interesting idea, and probably most useful for those folks who live in or near larger metropolitan areas.

If you're one of those people who despises Intuit, well, you have something else to hate now, too, because Zipingo somehow has ties to Intuit. Notice the Intuit logo in the top right corner of Zipingo's homepage. Notice the Zipingo hyperlink appearing at the bottom of my Quicken 2005's desktop this morning.

I'm told Zipingo ratings can be integrated with my Quicken accounts, so that I can see how users rate the places I'm already doing business with. Uhhh ... I'm not entirely sold on the usefulness of this feature.

And of course, the smiles behind Zipingo have a blog.

I'll say this: At least they have a catchy name.


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I actually just noticed and began investigating this feature in Quicken this morning. There are no ratings for any of the businesses near me (as is the case with every online rating service I've ever visited), but I'm hopeful that with those pretty blue stars showing up on every computer screen every time someone runs Quicken, even the people in my area will eventually start playing ball.


oh! this (sort of) explains the blue stars and links that show up called "Rate [payer]" and such.

It makes no sense to me.

Despite being tempted to rate my company as poor because i have about $1000 in outstanding expenses that are now over 90 days old...but that's just my vindictive side ;)

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