Friday, February 10, 2006

I Know a Bank That Sucks, Part 2

Well, after only two payments, I've had enough of New Bank. I will be looking to refinance the Honda's loan this next week.

My extra-principal payment cleared my bank — and hit my New Bank loan account — yesterday. That would be approximately two weeks since I'd mailed it. Ummm ... not acceptable.

And, for more fun and excitement, when I went to check my New Bank loan account online this afternoon, I found more good stuff: The over-the-phone "instant payment" that Cheryl and I had initiated had been reversed. A message next to the reversal read something like "Transaction Rejected by Bank." (I'd tell you what it says verbatim, except that their online system is down right now. Maintenance, says my computer screen. Since it was that way most of yesterday, too, I can only surmise that the brains at New Bank love to keep their online system as nice and ... lubed-up ... as they can.)

So what did I find from my phone call to New Bank today? Cheryl had gotten my credit union's routing number right, but she put in the account number incorrectly. One digit off.

Of course the guy today told me he could retry the transaction, but (you guessed it!) there'd be a fee.

"No, there won't," I told him. And after I unloaded details on him, he agreed to waive the $7.95 charge. This time.

Regardless, I'm done with these clowns. I have no faith that they can accomplish even the simplest of tasks. It's odd, really, because as I said, they're a pretty big outfit in this region. Ah well.

So today I placed a phone call to my credit union and requested some info on refinancing my car. They were quite courteous, thankfully. They can give me a rate slightly better than New Bank's, provided I can borrow only 80% of the car's retail value. That shouldn't be a problem.

They emailed me the two-page application. All I need to do is fill it out and fax it back, accompanied by a copy of my latest check stub and a copy of the Honda's window sticker.

It will all be heading their way Monday morning.

And New Bank can kiss my chromed exhaust tips.

— Posted by Michael @ 6:05 PM


Excellent! I'm glad for you. It's funny how irritated I got at your unnamed bank even though I wasn't personally involved.

Companies that deliver truly appalling service (systematically) really need to feel the heat somehow.


Ugh...but looks like things will be turning around finally. I hope you'll consider one day revealing "New Bank's" name so others can avoid the same horrible fate. bleh.



Once my account with New Bank is closed, I'll divulge their name.

Google is pretty good at finding such things, too, I've noticed. :)


Why is it, in that the bigger the bank is the more problems they create for us patrons. You would think it would be quite the opposite.


Please treat it as an usual experience and expect more things to come.In Asia and Pacific,for the sake of firece competiion,some banks posing electronically more advanced do resort to unusual charges structure and it is very common.Banking is not an exception.Talk about your mobile billing/electricity or telephone billing.You will find interesting things like how much you are supposed to pay acually and how much you have paid unknowingly.See it and analyse it.

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