Sunday, January 22, 2006

Money Blogger Podcasts

In the world of technology, I am nothing if not a procrastinator.

Until this weekend, I had never listened to a single podcast. That's right. Not one. I know what an iPod is, but I don't own one. And I know what a podcast is, but I've never much bothered looking into them.

Well, I have now "pulled up the rear," as the saying goes, and I'm joining the 21st Century with the rest of you.

Join me, won't you, in welcoming two new personal-finance podcasters to the airwaves:

Money Blogger Podcast

How long before the rest of us join in the fun?

(By the way: How do podcasters get around bandwidth issues? When a single podcast weighs in at 10 megs or so, that'll add up pretty quick when you get any audience at all. Yipes.)

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Hey! Thanks for the nice words. I am excited about starting my new 'cast!


Not sure how many people 'get around' it, but it's perhaps not as big a deal as you think these days. offers 250 gig of transfer for $4/month. offers 1TB of traffic for $99/month. The big pros might be able to engage akamai or some other distributed service to handle 'massive' loads, but I distribute 1500+ copies of each podcast which is around 10meg with no problem (via ev1servers). Bandwidth costs are not what they used to be (I used to pay $7/gig transfer as recently as 2002!)

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