Monday, May 23, 2005

Hi there! My name is Mr. Idiot!

So you load up The Wife and Kid in the Honda, and you hop in your Nissan truck, and all of you head across town to Lowe's. They have a really nice patio table that you've been eyeing — the tabletop is composed of eight 12" floor tiles that you select yourself, in whatever colors and combos you want — and at a price of just under $100, it seems like a good choice. Especially since you have just over $100 on a Lowe's gift card left over from Christmas.

It's all nice in theory, of course. In reality, it's a plan doomed to failure, because Yours Truly is so feeble-minded that he forgot to take along the aforementioned Lowe's gift card.

"Where was it?" you might ask.

Well, on the bookshelf in our living room, of course. Right beneath the spot where I'd kept my wallet.

No, we didn't buy the table. And The Wife doesn't like me very much right now.

— Posted by Michael @ 12:55 AM


Your story is the reason I always let my wife keep the gift cards! :-)


Oh Michael, I still like you. I was just annoyed yesterday (I guess you could tell?). It was 100 degrees, and I didn't want to trek out in that heat for nothing. Plus I didn't care for the way you asked me, "You DO have the gift card, don't you?" Why would I have your gift card, and why would you wait until we were in the parking lot to check? But I already covered this with you last night. ;-)

In the end, everything will turn out fine. Those are the things that make life interesting, right?



Well, at least you know where your $100 gift card is. We lost one to Target shortly after getting married and I'm still mad about it.

Nice showing of fortitude.


Hi Mr. Idiot, I'm Ms. Stupid. I withdrew $50 from the ATM and then accidentally THREW THE $ AWAY WITH MY RECEIPT!


Ante up,

You got me on that one.

I can't top it.

Thanks for the laugh!


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LOL! That's just how real life is - always something unexpected! I thought your post was so funny (and your wife's comment too that I had to link to it from my blog. It also reminded me of my own funny story.

Thanks for the laugh!




Hahaha! This is why I hate having unspent gift cards. We had a $300 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card left over from our wedding, and I lost it. I had to beg and plead with the store manager (he remembered me with the huge gift card) and BBB headquarters to get it back. My wife was gonna kill me.

-Mr. MyWifeHoldsTheGiftCardsFromNowOn.

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