Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Money as Energy

One of the purposes of being human is to wake up and become conscious. Traditionally, the pursuit of consciousness has been done on solitary retreats or meditations, which is certainly an important and valid pursuit. But what if waking up really means seeing how to conduct yourself powerfully in your everyday, regular life in the real world? The congealed energy of money gives us that opportunity. When we know, for example, exactly how much we spend on "incidentals" every week, or how much money is in our wallet at any given moment, or what our monthly take-home pay is, to the penny, we demonstrate in a concrete way that we have mastered the conscious use of energy.

— Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., The Energy of Money, 1997

Few people think of money as energy. But I believe it is exactly that:

Money, after all, gets things done. When it passes from one hand to another, things happen.

You can hold money in your fingers. It is tangible, concrete, familiar. It is so familiar that you likely know what it is even if your eyes are closed. You can save it and you can spend it, sending it whichever direction you choose. Its purpose is at your discretion.

Money can accomplish good, as well as accomplish bad.

Money can make your life easier, or it can become a burden, twisting your life into more and more knots with each passing month.

Money is energy.

— Posted by Michael @ 8:05 AM

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