Monday, February 14, 2005

Advisor Survey

Apparently, 1,023 registered investment advisors were surveyed recently by a company named Advisor Benchmarking, Inc.. The idea of the survey was to see whether or not the red-hot market performance of the 1990s was still coloring the expectations of advisors and their clients. Some survey results:

  • % of advisors who said their clients' expected returns are realistic: 62%

  • % of advisors who said clients' market expectations are unrealistically high: 33%

  • % of advisors who expect a long-term, secular bull market in upcoming years: 50%

  • % of advisors who expect a directionless or sideways market: 31%

  • % of advisors who expect a secular bear market: 13%

    Survey data from article entitled "Advisors: Clients Are Lowering Expectations," in the February 2005 issue of Investment Advisor magazine.


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