Sunday, January 09, 2005

Back to Bach

I have almost finished my initial listen to David Bach's The Automatic Millionaire audiobook.

If the guy didn't browbeat the idea of budgets into the ground — which he does ad nauseum — then I might be able to take him seriously. If he didn't continually refer to 10% annual returns from the stock market, then I might be able to mistake him for something other than a salesman.

I wonder about authors sometimes. When they make their case by spouting things like "Couple A bought their first house in their early 20s, paid off its 30-year mortgage in 22 years, then bought another house and paid off its 30-year mortgage in 22 years, and so were able to own two houses debt free by the time they were in their mid-fifties," do they think readers (1) cannot do basic, age-related math, or (2) don't really need to know the whole story about how Couple A managed this feat because it doesn't entirely jive with whatever "Plan" the author is espousing?

Gads. Somebody mix me a drink.


— Posted by Michael @ 11:08 PM

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