Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Videos: The Economics of Where We Are

Over the weekend I was tipped-off to a couple of economy-related videos — both of which, I believe, are certainly worth watching. They're courtesy of PBS' Bill Moyers Journal. You'll want to set aside roughly an hour, as each video runs for approximately thirty minutes:

PBS: Mortgage Mess

That's followed immediately by an in-depth interview which sort of expands on the content of the first video:

PBS: Interview w/William Greider

I suspect that many readers may be sick to death of hearing about the "mortgage mess." It's right up there with gas prices where 10pm news topics are concerned, yes?

In my part of the country (Oklahoma), however, I've not encountered much evidence at all that the general "dimwitted public" (a term coined in the second video above) has clued in at all to the larger implications of all this banking- and mortgage-related tomfoolery. I definitely get the impression that folks here feel very much insulated from ... well, from everything except the high fuel prices.

I'm not sure that being comfortably numb to economics at large is a particularly prudent path to take.


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Ignorance is bliss.

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