Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Suze Orman: Stimulus Crasher

Thanks to Money Crashers for pointing me toward Suze Orman's latest Yahoo article, which is sure to have hand-wringing bureaucrats and bankers up in arms:

Yahoo! Finance / Suze Orman: "Stash It, Cash It"

It's nice to see Suze take a firm stance on this. It's even nicer that I agree with her:

The rebate you're about to get should be saved, not spent. It should be used to pay down debt and build up an emergency savings account. What you need to focus on is not what your government wants you to do for the national economy, but what you can do for your personal financial security. Help yourself first.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Will it actually happen?

Probably not, not, not.

(Actually, my Inner Devil would just love to take our Summer Stimulus Check and use it to buy puts on [Insert Bank/Financial Stock Here]. But I won't do it ... no matter how delicious the irony.)


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