Friday, January 21, 2005

Twice As Much Havoc

When advised to budget, most people respond: "But I just don't have enough money." In fact, most of these individuals have a lot more than they think; they just lack control of it. Making more money is not the answer. The sad truth is that if you're out of control, no matter how much money you earn, you can figure out a way to spend it. Doesn't it amaze you how many wealthy and famous people have financial problems? Some even go bankrupt. This is because they haven't mastered this concept of wealth at its most basic level. Bad budgetary habits, when applied to twice as much money, simply create twice as much havoc.
— Tod Barnhart, The Five Rituals of Wealth

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Lack of having and sticking to a budget is part of the reason why we have so much debt in this country. If people were to make and stick to a livable budget, they could avoid having to charge emergency expenses.

That was a good comment by Todd Barnhart.



Ain't that the truth!

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