Zero-Percent Arbitrage Calculator

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If you're considering whether or not to use a credit-card zero-percent offer and invest the proceeds at a higher savings rate, this calculator can help you estimate your likely profit.

This calculator assumes the following:

  1. Monthly debt/minimum payments are not taken from the initial balance borrowed.
  2. Monthly debt/minimum payments are applied to the lowest-rate balances first.
  3. The arbitrage will be ended one month short of the offer's full term; e.g., a 12-month offer would be closed out in the 11th month.
  4. Interest compounds monthly.

Initial Balance to Be Arbitraged: $ 
Transaction Fees, If Any: $ 
Term of Offer (in Months):    
Investment Rate (APR):     %
Your Federal Tax Rate:     %
Your State Tax Rate:
(If interest is taxable at state level)
Interest Rate Applied to Transaction Fee (APR):
(If applicable)