Sunday, December 05, 2004

This is a pretty good article:

"Boom Hides the Bust"

Tough to feel compassion for anyone with a $400 cell phone bill, a five-bedroom home on a golf course, five TVs, and the "It's not really my fault" attitude pretty much evident in the following quote:

"Our parents didn't experience the increase in housing costs like we have, or the fluctuations in the stock market. We live with more risk, and you can no longer take anything for granted."

Horse poop. Our parents experienced risk, too, and not less of it. Just different.

Oh, and when you get to the part about "...Government data show that the median two-parent, two-child family spends less on clothing, food and appliances than 30 years ago," don't take it as a given. The numbers Ms. Warren used to calculate this stuff were, apparently, a bit off the mark.

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