Sunday, November 21, 2004

Front page of my newspaper's business section has this headline:

"Overstuffed Christmas: Survey finds consumers to splurge for holidays"

Imagine that. According to the article, consumers plan to spend 4 percent more than last year on holiday gifts. This equals a total of $898.38 per shopper, including $608.15 on gifts and $290.23 on decorations and other holiday purchases.

In an interview for the article, Tulsa money manager Jake Dollarhide seems pretty optimistic. "With improvements in the economy and more job security, all that equates to paper," he said. "People feel freer to spend money, to buy the extra gift, to splurge, to be overtaken by the euphoria surrounding the holidays."

The article goes on to discuss why retailers are so optimistic about potential results this holiday season. My favorite reason? "There's color this year," says the owner of a local women's clothing shop.

Whatever. Call me crazy, but if I'm a store owner, I'd more likely chalk up any increased holiday spending to Americans' near-complete lack of financial literacy and prowess. But then I'm a realist.

You can see more about the "Shopping in America" surveys here.

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